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About Me


Rosemary Taylor

Shamanic healing supported an existing desire for change in my own life. Conventional counselling helpfully addressed mental and emotional issues, but could not heal the deeper level spiritual matters of trust, wholeness and inner purpose. Shamanic healing has encouraged these qualities to grow and I now possess a commitment to really living that was previously unknown to me.

Shamans are only perceptive about the human condition because they share it. They are not above "ordinary people". They have been wounded too, but have learned how to use the experience of their own healing for the highest good of others. Personal growth goes hand in hand with facilitating the growth of others. The more I further my own healing, the more use I am to clients. I love seeing people gain insights that help them find their true selves once more and perceive their real potential. Healing is a celebration of all that is possible.

In my experience, people just need guidance to help them locate the healing that already lies within. The spiritual energies that are accessed by shamanic work prompt and encourage this awareness, so that individuals start to realise they can be their own true carers, the responsible healers of themselves.

Samhain firework celebrations in October light up the standing stones
in my back garden, making a magical display of energy

I see clients on a one-to-one basis and offer healing that is tailored to individual need. There are no formulas for this type of work. One person may get what they need from one session, whilst another may benefit more from a combination of healings over time. The only commitment is to your self and a desire to explore the rich potential of your own healing.

I am a certificated shamanic practitioner, having studied shamanic healing in Glastonbury, a world-renowned centre for alternative healing training and practice. I am also a certificated crystal healing practitioner and a clairvoyant rune reader. I practice from healing centres in Glastonbury and occasionally from home, but can also provide a visiting service within the local area and possibly further.



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