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Prices & Contact

As a general rule, most deep-level shamanic healing sessions last for two hours. Readings generally last for one hour. Occasionally some healing practices or self-development coaching may fit into an hour and a half session. Some in-depth readings that include a healing element might extend to two hours.  Below I quote prices for these session lengths to give a guideline.

Two hour session: £145
An hour and a half session: £115
One hour session: £60

Concessions may be available by prior agreement in some circumstances.


According to the type of work, you will be invited to one of two locations, both very close together in Glastonbury. All face-to-face Shamanic Healing held in person (one and a half to two hours long) will take place at Healing Waters Retreat Centre. Contact me initially and I will liaise with Healing Waters to book your session.

Skype sessions, phones sessions, absent healing sessions, face-to-face one hour readings held in person, face-to-face shamanic crystal journeying and some workshops will take place at my home address, which will be given upon confirmation of booking.

I offer free 30-minute phone consultations to help determine individual healing needs and to confirm that shamanic work is appropriate. Please contact to discuss your needs and to confirm the treatment recommendation, location, the likely length of a session and whether or not the work can be facilitated by Skype. I offer longer-term cycles of treatment as well as one-off sessions.


When a session is located at Healing Waters, your payment will be made to them, in response to a Healing Waters payment request, prior to the session taking place.

For work located at my home address, payment can be made by cash when in person. When the session is distant, or via Skype or phone payment can be made to me by electronic bank transfer, by bank cash deposit to my account or by Paypal invoice. Your email address will be required to create a Paypal payment invoice.

Space Clearance

The fee for a space clearance (or smudge ceremony) depends on the size of the property, as each room has to be methodically cleansed. Individual assessments are made upon request. If the property owner / occupier wishes to learn space clearance they may observe the practice for future reference.

Cancellation Notice

I request that clients give at least 24 hours' notice before cancelling an appointment. Same day cancellation may result in a fee being charged.


Contact Details

Contact Rosemary directly on 01458 832157 / 07906 865717 to obtain latest details of availability in Glastonbury, or email me at:


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