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Healing Aims

Shamanic healing focuses on the energy that sustains and powers individuals at all levels of their being, whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. This is the life force that flows within our bodies and which also connects us invisibly to the rest of the universe. Sometimes the energy flow becomes strained or blocked by life's demands and excesses. Shamanic healing restores balance to and relaxes the depleted, tense areas of the body's energy systems.

Shamanic work also has a special, nurturing and non-judgmental regard for the soul. The soul is a store of vital spiritual energy that exists within us during our lifetime and gives us our deepest sense of self. Some shocks, like a relationship break up, diminish soul force and leave people feeling like part of themselves has been lost. Experiences like bereavement, abuse or illness can produce the same effect and no matter what they do, many have felt incomplete ever since. This is the experience of "soul loss" which has been a focus of shamanic healing practice for millennia.

Such intrusions upon and losses to our energy systems create imbalances that can result in illness. The imbalance can manifest in different ways: as a mental condition, like panic attacks or anxiety; it can result in an imbalance of a particular emotion in one's life, like anger or fear; or it can surface in physical symptoms.

I work to redress such imbalances by restoring the needed energy that has been lost or by clearing the burden of negative experience. Power animals, spirit guides and rune energies provide healing insights that aid me in this work.

A Winter phenomenon: millions of starlings (a "murmuration") gather at
dusk on the moors outside Glastonbury, before roosting in the reeds.
As they flock they make fantastic, sublime energy patterns in the sky.
This picture is called "Dancing Spirit of the Moors", as it encapsulates
the vital flow of energy surrounding the heart chakra that is Glastonbury


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