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Healing Effects

The "Sacred Hill" of Sacred Hill Shamanic Healing refers to Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury. Wearyall Hill is one of Glastonbury's three sacred hills, the others being the more famous Tor and Chalice Hill.

Wearyall Hill is the site of one of Glastonbury's Holy Thorn Trees, a type of Hawthorn that blossoms in December as well as May. It is said to derive from the staff planted by Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus' kinsman and follower, when he visited Glastonbury to establish the Christian church. The present Thorn Tree on Wearyall Hill grows in the same spot as the original and is one of its descendants, taken from a cutting. In earlier belief systems, the Hawthorn was regarded as the gateway to the Underworld and hence has even older links with the cycles of death and rebirth.

Standing stone ground plan

Living in Glastonbury and pursing a healing path has opened me to powerful learning experiences, perhaps beyond what I ever thought likely.

It has also sparked a new and unexpected creativity. My partner was the driving force behind erecting a standing stone complex (ground plan pictured left) in the back garden, sensing its design through intuition and connection to spirit, and was also given insights into overcoming the practical problems of its construction.

The stones are known as Peacock Rock (or Bornite) and come from Poona, India. The hues in them vary from rust red, to yellow ochre, to grey-green and to mauve-grey. These colours become deep and saturated when wet with rain.


The main complex symbolises the sacred connection between male and female energies, out of which new life comes. It is not specifically intended as a fertility symbol, but honours the union of opposite, equal forces that combine magically in the act of creation. A smaller formation in the southern end of the garden honours the rune known as Ingwaz, which is the rune for the mineral kingdom and which also symbolises trust, the quality which makes everything possible. The two parts are joined by a spiral of energy created by an outer arc of four stones.

Rocks are the oldest witnesses of our world's creation and I feel they carry with them aeons of silent, subtle knowledge. When sitting in amongst the stones of the main circle and gazing into the central fire pit alive with flame, it is like being in the presence of wise elders in council. It is a peaceful and healing place to be. In turn the stones are intended as an energy gift to Wearyall Hill, which provides shelter and a true sense of home.

The stone circle and fire pit at the northern end of the garden


A direct example of Shamanic work inspiring creativity is the clay sculpture I have called Earth Spirit. Whilst on an amazing Shamanic retreat, I was part of a group that was asked to journey to discover how we could create our futures. In my journey I was given instructions to create this figure out of clay in seven days and doing so would teach me how to create my future.

To my surprise I fulfilled the brief, never having worked in 3-D and having felt creatively dead for years. There were valuable lessons in this project brief from beyond: just trust; plunge in and do it; work as directed by spirit; and you can excel beyond what you thought possible. In this way you can create your future in everything you do. This experience encouraged me to experiment with my life as though it too was a creative project directed by spirit (which of course it is). It also inspired me to start my own healing practice.

I do not aspire to be a great artist, but I find that when I combine creativity with a spiritual dimension, the end result is deeply satisfying and healing..

I am taking my experience of Shamanism beyond being a separate healing activity and trying to integrate it within my home and creative life. I believe that shamanic healing can empower you in the same way, or in a much more fulfilling way, YOUR way.




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