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Healing Techniques

I have been a Shamanic Practitioner since 2002 and my work is evolving all the time. All healing is undertaken with the intention of working according to divine will and love and for the client's highest good. The healing space is ritually cleansed beforehand and I do my utmost to ensure a comfortable and protective environment. I employ a variety of techniques to access the root cause of a person's problem and apply healing treatments to it. These include:

  • Shamanic Journeying
    Guidance is sought from spirit regarding a particular issue. The sound of a drumbeat allows me to access human and animal spirit guides who can offer valuable insights into the client's healing. The information is then brought back to the client, who can incorporate it into their healing if they so choose.

  • Rune Readings & Tarot Readings
    These different divinatory tools help people to see their strengths, their blocks and their part in the flow of events. Intuitive insights combine with rune and/or tarot meanings to shed new light on a subject, focussing on the energies that are going to empower people or disempower them.
    A different perspective brings the opportunity to transform a situation. Intuitive insights combine with rune and/or tarot meanings to shed new light on a subject, focussing on the energies that are going to empower people or disempower them. A different perspective brings the opportunity to transform a situation. In a longer session, the runes revealed in a reading can be converted into energy healing work to help heal the issues revealed in the divination session.
    This combined divination and healing session is called a Runic Body Reading and takes between one and a half and two hours. Find out more about The Runes.
    Find out more about The Runes
    Current regulations require me to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Shamanic Energy Channelling
    I work through my eighth chakra to allow the wise ones, the beings of light and love, to direct the healing that is channelled through me as the “hollow bone”. The client simply receives the energies, which may also be transmitted via the drum, the rattle, my voice and physical contact with the “misha” (a traditional Andean medicine bundle). Feedback is given afterwards.

  • Shamanic Crystal Journeying
    My healing work with crystals is intuitive and supported by shamanic journey guidance. Crystals are placed on chakras accordingly, whilst drumming allows the client to enter a meditative space in which to connect with the crystal’s wisdom or healing. Alternatively, we can work with a client’s intuitive attraction to a particular crystal in order to enter into the energy of that crystal and receive healing from the guide within it.

  • Empowerment & Protection Practice
    We journey to the lower world for an animal guide’s healing and protective power to strengthen the client’s energy field. This is known as “Power Retrieval”. Or, I can give an Andean Rite called the “Bands of Power and Protection”, awakening light pathways in the client’s energy field.  Coaching on practice at home is included. Alternatively, assistance can be sought from the angelic realm to help a client meet their guardian angel or Archangel Michael.

  • Clearing Heavy Energy
    There are different ways to clear stuck emotional energy or intrusive spiritual energy according to need. I can teach a beautiful exercise called “The Sacred Exchange of Making Light Flow” to help individuals clear their own energy body of stuck emotional energy on a regular basis. A client might need “Emotional Block Release”, working in collaboration with a practitioner to identify, locate in the body and release the emotional energy from a past difficult event, using energy healing methods to ease the blockage. Sometimes the heavy emotional energy has been projected into the client from the outside. This might call for a “Shamanic Extraction” method to be employed. “Spirit Releasement” can help move on lost souls who have been attracted to the client’s energy, whilst clarifying what it was that created the unwanted attraction.

  • Illumination Process
    An “Illumination Process” is a highly focussed ceremony from the Andean tradition, which erases trauma imprints held in the luminous energy field, clearing the programme for emotional patterns or repeating events and the associated clogged chakra. Mother Jaguar is the power animal who assists with clearing the heavy energy, along with a breathing technique called Fire Breath, the use of sacred stones and the application of acupressure points. Finally, the chakra is re-filled with the light of the divine.

  • Soul Retrieval - Healing Trauma
    I offer classic and contemporary methods of Soul Retrieval to address  the widespread phenomenon of Soul Loss (or trauma).  We journey into spirit to locate the soul energy that escaped to protect itself from fully feeling a traumatic event. This can be facilitated in one session, but I also recommend a  staged approach over three or four sessions which: helps the individual locate their original traumatic event; then identify the power leaks and restrictive self-protective mechanisms that arose out of it; then find their lost soul energy in order to integrate it again; and finally, understand the desire or purpose this soul part has returned to fulfil.

  • Healing the Deep Past
    Some trauma imprints in the energy body may source back to previous unhealed Ancestral or Past Life experiences. Journey-work can explore the root-cause events. Discovery of a hidden deep past narrative can help people make different choices in their current lives, identifying what powerful but outdated experiences their automatic impulses are based on. Releasing the stuck emotional energy will help to lift subconsciously self-imposed limitations. Alternatively an Illumination Process can erase the trauma imprints of the deep past using a different method which focusses more on releasing the residual heavy energy from the relevant chakra.

  • Parent Child Ritual
    The Parent/Child Ritual is a powerful healing experience that encourages the client to wholly give back that which does not belong to them, but was given to them by a parent. The energy can be a mixture of parental beliefs, emotions, words or deeds that either intentionally or unintentionally, distorted self-perception and perception of female or male energy. This is an opportunity to clear the karma between you and a parent, done in the spirit of healing and for the highest good of both parties.

  • Cord Removal
    Individuals form energy threads with other people, addictions and belief systems in their lives. These bonds can be positive and self-affirming or negative and energy draining. This healing locates the negative cords and disconnects them, stemming the energy drain and allowing that restored energy to empower the client. Real personal power is self-sustaining, neither taken from us by others nor taken by us from others.

  • Dream Guidance
    I work with the guidance and healing that is communicated to me subconsciously through dreams. It has been very supportive to my own self-development. If you have a dream that feels meaningful to you then a dream guidance facilitation session will help you to explore its hidden messages. You can discover how your subconscious is talking to you about the underlying energies that are flowing through you and influencing your emotions and actions.

  • Healing Psychic Attack
    Guidance / diagnosis is employed to check if Psychic Attack is the issue. If so, I address it with a multi-level “Three Worlds Clearing” that: explores the circumstances that created psychic “Velcro” between the client and the psychic assailant; eradicates the trauma imprints which created the adhesive dynamic between the two parties; and checks the karma is resolved at the highest level of consciousness. This in-depth process may take two sessions to complete – thoroughness is key. It may also be applied to situations where stalking or cyber-bullying are a problem, seeking to address the issues at a spiritual level, as well as taking the necessary legal and practical precautions.

  • Shamanic Coaching
    A longer session can be used to: learn space clearance; learn about the medicine wheel; learn how to maintain and clear your energy body; learn how to journey into the shamanic realms to the beat of the drum; explore meditating with your chakras; or experiment with the power of voice sounds.
    Prior discussion can pinpoint areas of personal interest that may be met by these or many other coaching options, allowing for any preparation time needed.

  • Space Clearance (Smudge Ceremony)
    Properties store residual, by-gone energy just like our bodies do. They too retain past heavy experiences that can have an insidious, limiting or weakening effect on us. A "smudge ceremony" will revitalise the energy in your home or business premises. It can also move on for healing any entities that are trapped within this reality to a place of light where their needs can be properly met.

    The "tools" for space clearance: a drum; bells of various sizes and tones; fragrant sage or frankincense to create purifying incense. If used methodically in each room with clear intention, these tools will freshen and neutralise energy, creating a spiritual "clean slate" within which to operate.

    A Passive or Active Healing Approach
    How the work is done depends on whether an individual feels they can participate in their process. I favour an interactive approach, working with a client’s perceptions, dialoguing as we go and reaching conclusions together. Traditionally the Shaman did all the journeying and the energy work for the client, which is the second option, if a client feels unable to participate actively.

    Absent Healing, Phone & Skype Healing Sessions and Readings
    If you can't get to Glastonbury in person, options can be discussed saving you travel and accommodation costs. I work with clients in North America and Europe. With possibly a few exceptions, the work that is usually performed in the same physical location with a client can be carried out via Skype and telephone working.



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